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Rey John Lorca

Rey John Lorca is the Founder, Principal Architect and CEO of Lorcatecture Corporation. The company works at multiple scale with various organizations from public and private clients to NGOs. This allows them to diversify projects from urban and master planning, architecture, interior design of luxury villas, high-end residences and modern offices, as well as resort projects in the Philippines.


The CEO is a multi-licensed professional with diversified experience in the field of architecture and urban planning. He holds three professional licenses: architect, environmental planner, and real estate broker. He is an Accredited GREEEN Architect of the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI) and sits as one of the Board of Directors. He was part of the technical team who crafted the Philippine Green Building Code.

He started working with Palafox Associates as Urban Planner in 2010 where he handled several micro to macro scale planning projects, worked as Building Administrator for Transcom Worldwide, a Multi-national BPO Company in 2012, and worked with SM Prime and Belle Corporation in 2014, handling several high-end development projects from architecture, master planning, surveying, landscape architecture,  project management, interior design, and among others, prior to starting his own company.

His combined diversified work experiences in the field of architecture, urban planning, real estate, construction, and building management, exhibits his well-rounded expertise thus producing more efficient and quality projects for clients.


He served as one of the Board of Directors of the United Architects of the Philippines Makati Chapter for several years and is active in different Professional and Community Organizations. He continues his advocacy in creating sustainable communities through LORCATECTURE as an architect and urban planner to help shape a better society.

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